We have been in the Auction Service for over 40 years, owning an auction house, doing estate sales, storage auctions and helping our community with fundraising and benefit auctions.  We have taken our in-person auction experience to a new level and moved it to an on-line platform.   Ricky and Bubba and I want to thank all of you that have been a part of our adventure and hope that you will continue this ride along with us as we move forward and can encourage others to join us! Please register to bid and share our site with your friends and on your social media. TOGETHER,  we can bring bidders and sellers together and we can build a bigger and better auction family.  Auctions are fun!  Like we say.... "ya never know what 'cha gonna get.!" We appreciate you and will continue to work with you and for you!

Ricky, Jeanie & Bubba

Smith Auction Services

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