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OUR CURRENT AUCTION-------- SUPPORT OUR TEACHERS AT TAYLOR CREEK ELEMENTARY!!! Taylor Creek parents and teachers have donated items to help their students have a fun end of the year!  Each participating grade level or department will use the funds that are raised for a fun end of the year experience of their choice. Let's show them our support and BID! BID! BID!!!  Thank you for all of your help in helping with donated items! Share this site with your friends and family and lets make this a BIG DEAL for the kid's classroom and grade level! If you do not have a child at TCE but would like to support this event, Please Bid! We will make sure that you are recognized and a lucky student/class will recieve your generous donation.  

The Smith Crew

Smith Auction Services has changed it's focus! We have decided to become a service to our community and give back to those in need. We understand the hardships that individuals, businesses and organizations have faced. As an auction company, we are often confronted by individuals and organizations who either need a donation or want to have a fundraiser to support a cause. We always try to help out in some way, but realistically, we cannot always do so. HOWEVER, the time and opportunity has come for us to change that! If you are a non-profit organization or an individual that is interested in creating a fundraiser, we want to help! We have the capability of working with you and showing you how to make money to support your cause, with minimal effort on your part. We will continue to set up accounts for online estate sales and inventory reduction sales as well. It is our goal to continue our reputation as an honest, family-owned business with A+ service to our buyers as well as our sellers. Be sure to register with us so that you will be on our email list!

Our Warehouse

All of the treasures that Ricky and Bubba find end up at their warehouse in Lampasas. For more information or to see Ricky and Bubba and attend one of their sales, go to https://www.facebook.com/lampasaswarehouse.

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Ricky Smith

Ricky has spent a lifetime in the buying, selling, and auctioning business. He was introduced to it by his mother at the age of 12. For many years he hauled freight and sold it and worked as a Ringman for many local auctions. After completing his associate auctioneer hours with his mentor and dear friend, he obtained his auctioneer license in 1991. At that time, Smith Auction was created.

Clint Smith

Clint a.k.a. “Bubba”, is Ricky’s nephew by marriage. Clint was born into a military family and when his dad retired, his family moved back to Texas, where he was introduced to Ricky. Clint went to college and worked on and off with Ricky as a Ringman. He eventually became part of the Smith Auction Company and the rest is history!

Storage Wars: Texas on A&E

Ricky and Bubba have become well known in the reality TV community as seen on the show Storage Wars – Texas. They are portrayed as big buyers in the great State of Texas. They were fortunate to be chosen to do what they do best on national television. They continue to buy and sell at their warehouse, located in Lampasas, Texas.

Contact Us

Phone Number:  +1 (512) 734-6194
Email Address:  smithauctionservices@gmail.com

506 B South Western St, Lampasas, TX 76550

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